Check out Panic

Move over eyeliner and black and white striped tshirts–PAUL WALL’S GRILLS from Houston are SO SCENE. Check out Panic! at the Disco’s “Merch Dan” rocking his pair:

According to a friends bulletin she posted, our dear little Eva is now one of the models on the new boxes of Manic Panic Hair Dye! Yay!!! Eva hasn’t seen it yet (she’s making a special trip to Hot Topic this weekend to check it out), so if you’ve gotten a peek of our favorite faux redhead on the box and have a picture, send it along!

Both Jesse and Matt pointed me to what could be the greatest quote ever muttered by Brandon Flowers of The Killers.

In addition to calling emo and pop-punk “dangerous”, he also tells the NME in this week’s issue, that people don’t realize what they are “getting [themselves] into with Fall Out Boy” and that he just wants to “beat all those bands to death.” Um…I know your band is called The Killers, but don’t you think this is taking it too far?

I gotta be honest with you, I really have no idea what any of those quotes mean…How is emo/pop-punk a threat to society as a whole? I’m not quite sure. Unless he means they are cultural terrorists…but then does that make him a cultural fascist? And I thought the Killers/FOB feud had already been resolved…Oh well.

Ok so I just happen to find this video short of “Smokahontas” featuring Mr. Daniel Isaac up on YouTube. Our favorite Groom gets angry over a 4 dollar pack of Smokahontas cigarettes. Oh and be warned, the video has a lot of cussing, so you might not want to have your computer speakers up too loud when you play the vid.

Today, courtesy of Jeff, I discovered the greatest television show ever, “Real Magic TV“. It’s basically some dude who does magic tricks with musicians and then interviews them. Check out this clip of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz talking about his love of Lifetime television made for TV movies.

In more Wentz news, Clandestine Industries will release a “Stay Gold” black hoodie with gold glitter detailing as a limited edition sweatshirt. Keep an eye out when it goes on sale. Here’s a preview of the merch, modeled by Pete (looking kinda…hot???):

Unrelated, but still awesome, is this review Jeff wrote about his adventure to Nassau Colesseum to see Taking Back Sunday (STRONG ISLAND, REPREZENT!), Angels and Airwaves, Head Automatica, and The Subways. I love the part where all the kids BUM RUSH THE STAGE like a pack of mad crazy wolves. I so wish I could have been there, but I had a date with Keane and Ryan Adams.