Tour Across America

You know how it goes…when Pop Punk Princes cut, dye, or style, I must report. The latest dispatch in Hairwatch 2006 (quite possible the last one for this year), Good Charlotte are back (?)…with new haircuts. Benji is sporting the newborn baby look–that’s right–bald-o head-o, and Joel has this weird sorta Teen Beat-ready look. Totally Back Street Boys circa 1999.

Right now they are promoting their new album, Good Morning Revival, which drops in March of 2007. Check out the video I grabbed the screen caps from:

FOB are ringing in 2007 with a full headlining tour across America, starting with a Jan 4 show in San Francisco, California and ending on Jan 20 in Orlando, Florida.

In other Fall Out Boy news, they want YOU (yes YOU) to get down with your badass artistic skills and design the cover for the official Infinity On High iTunes pre-order. Upload your design to the submissions page and vote for your favorite before December 31st.

Find out which cover the band chose by checking the iTunes Store when the pre-order launches on January 16th! The experts (Leslie Simon from Alternative Press, Jason Flom–president of Virgin Records, and Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba) are giving the details as to what they look for in a star-marking band.

Right now they are half-way through the song, and the audience has spontaneously started to wave hands in the air like they are at a hip-hop concert, and are singing along to the chorus. Clearly this crowd are fans of Halifax.

Leslie Simon says their performance in the small space was rockin, Jason Flom gives them two thumbs up, and Chris Carrabba shows the man-love by saying during that song he fell in love with lead singer Mike.

What is it about Chris Carrabba? He’s been looking at everyone with dreamy rock star eyes. I don’t think it’s on purpose, I think he’s just naturally dreamy.

Umm…there’s a guy in the crowd that is wearing a BANANA COSTUME. Like a straight up, banana peel costume–and it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. The rumor is, he bought it for Halloween and just liked it so much he’s been wearing it out a lot. I can see why. Banana costume is brilliant. I’ve been looking for a banana suit, and now I’m inspired to get one. I can’t wait to wear it for family Christmas this year.

Fallen from the Sky is up now, and they are showing a bit about taking FFTS to trapeze lessons and telling people where to vote for them in the finals.

They’re on stage right now, thrashing their little hearts of. Their drummer is wearing an American flag bandanna wrapped around in his head, hoping to get the patriotic vote. I don’t often agree with how bands describe their own band on MySpace, but I have to agree that they do in fact sound like a band full of “Dude’s dudes who know what dudes want to hear when dudes wanna hear dudes who rock.” I also gotta say, that’s the most hilarious band description I’ve ever read.

Leslie says they’re like Rise Against Me, Jason says “I’m starting to feel like Paula Abdul” because he loves all the band, and Chris reveals that FFTS are from his hometown and he’s been drinking with them, so how could he say anything bad about them.

Right now a segment with Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer shopping and Max Brenner and trying to “sweet talk” folks into voting for them by giving them chocolate. And singer Rachel Minton is sporting a sweet Holly bag from 31 Corn Lane. (Holla!)

I gotta say I’m a bit partial to Zolof because they sound like a contemporary version of the Go-Gos, and everyone knows, Go-Gos = awesome. Leslie likes their melody, Jason likes their awesome name, Chris love their good-looking singer and 2 SG Gibson guitars.